Which Is Better: International or Local Web Hosting?

One of the biggest concerns for website owners is choosing the right host for their websites. Among the questions asked is whether to choose International or Local Web Hosting.
There are many factors you should consider before purchasing a web hosting plan. In this post, I will explore the most important ones.
Firstly hosting your website with a local host does not necessarily mean that the servers are within where the host’s location. Most local web hosting companies rely on cloud-based servers of companies located elsewhere. They are more of middlemen between you and data centers abroad.

Hosting with a Local Company

A local web hosting company usually has a team of experts in web hosting, domains, DNS, etc. These people offer customized support through easy-to-reach contacts, with a nearby contact office where you can access physical support services. You can also be able to pay in local currency.

Some prominent examples of local web hosting companies in Uganda include Crystal Webhosting, Jubilee Webhosting, Media Uganda, Ezone Web Services, and many others.

Hosting with an International Company

For international hosts, it’s mostly a self-service, meaning you must be conversant with the technical aspects and be ready to pay for services across borders. In case you need support, communication is usually 100% virtual; via email. Due to the difference in time zones, responses may not be instant unless they are automated.

However, most companies provide guides and documentation to help clients use their services efficiently and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Examples of prominent international companies to host your WordPress website include Siteground, Hostinger, WPEngine, and many more.

International or Local Web Hosting: What to Choose

So, International or Local Web Hosting? What would you choose? If you are a small or medium-sized company in Uganda targeting a local audience, you should consider hosting your website with a local hosting company. I have used Jubilee Webhosting for most websites I have developed, and I have no issues with them.

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